Starless, Starless Nights
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(Book # 2 In The Moon Dog Trilogy)

Countless oceans of stars, categorically inaccessible but to one extremely gifted race

When LD Starr, a twelve-year-old boy with extra-terrestrial roots, encounters an utterly starless sky on a crystal-clear, moonlit, summer night, he immediately suspects the Moon Dogs, the only race capable of sabotaging the very fabric of the cosmos. And when a Moon Dog pup, near death, washes ashore in the raging Atlantic surf of LD’s island home, his suspicions are confirmed.

Against his better judgment, LD rescues the pup, and that one act of compassion launches a hurricane-fueled weekend of life, death and rebirth on North Carolina’s southernmost barrier island, all captured in the second book of the Moondog Trilogy, Starless, Starless Nights.

The Backdrop:

To put star travel in perspective, forget all you think you may know concerning E=mc², and let’s be succinct. The Moon Dogs own the stars! Adept at star travel for well over a thousand years, they aren’t constrained by the speed of light. Their total mastery of the laws of gravity, combined with the development of the Gravity Focus Beam Generator, unleashed the true secret of the stars.

Moon Dog astrophysicists developed the math that finally succeeded in describing the true nature of black holes. With that knowledge in hand, robotically harvesting a tiny core fragment from the “singularity" of a massive black hole became a theoretical possibility. From theory to practice was extraordinarily difficult, but after countless disastrous attempts, that tiny core fragment became the energy source, or fuel, of the beam generators that now power all their starships.

No other race in the known cosmos is capable of speed-of-light travel, let alone speeds orders of magnitude greater-that technology centuries or more distant, even assuming continuous development. Yet they cling to their sacred laws of physics, squandering years and lives traversing a mere trillion miles.

Propulsion systems powered by the Gravity Focus Beam Generator could conceivably grant some of the more advanced races immediate access to the stars. But it’s been over a century since the Moon Dogs shared anything, with the distinct exception of death and suffering, which they now dispense with reckless abandon.